Patent Applications

Our patent attorneys can help you prepare, file and presecute U.S. patent applications on mechanical, electrical and software-based inventions.  

We have prepared and filed hundreds of patent applications, including utility patents, design patents, and PCT patent applications.  A list of recently issued patents is available here.  We offer all of clients cost-effective, expeditious RESULTS-ORIENTED REPRESENTATION.®  If you are a small business or sole inventor in Nevada, we can advise you on strategies for protecting your intellectual property (IP).  Our patent attorneys travel regularly to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Virginia to prosecute US patent applications.  Steven Rinehart is a licensed attorney in Virginia.  In many cases, our patent attorney can prepare a patent application on an expedited basis at only a fraction of the cost of larger firms.  Currently, only about a fourth of patent applications filed in the U.S. every issue, in part because inventors cannot afford the cost paying traditional patent firms over the two to three year period a patent is pending.  It is common for larger firms, who charge hourly, to vastly underestimate the number of hours they intend to bill a client until after the client has paid a retainer and assumed responsibility for the bill.  We can offer clients a flat fee for the prosecution of the patent application to ensure representation is secured throughout the pendency of the patent application.

International Patent Applications

We can help you file international patent applications (PCT patent applications), and secure patents in most of the countries of the world.  The countries of the world in which we may be able to help you secure patents are shown in the table below.

PCT Member Countries

Examples of Our Work

RV Patent DrawingsGun Assembly DrawingClampGeneratorShoe PatentExtension Cord Patent

Types of Patent Applications

Provisional Patents.  In the U.S., a provisional patent is a simplified patent application that reserves the right of its inventor to file a utility application for one year. In a sense, it protects an invention temporarily for one year

Utility Patents. A utility patent is by far the most common type of patent applied for and issued. A utility patent application can be drafted to protect any human-made chemical, machine, device, system, computer program, or method or doing or making almost anything.

Design Patents. A design patent protects an ormamental design of a useful item (the way something looks). Cars, shoes, rings and computer icons are all examples. The application process is simple relative to other applications.

PCT Patents. Under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), inventors can often obtain patent protection in foreign countries if a PCT application is filed with an international receiving office within one year of the first domestic patent filing.





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Recently Issued Patents by Rinehart

• Improvised Adjustable Guide Rod For Semiautomatic Pistols
• Doorframe Jig and Method
• Multi-Function Ukulele Chord Wheel
• Exercise Ring
• Handheld, Integrated Multifunction Shovel
• Motorhome with Onboard Touring Car, Elevator, and Crew Cabin
• Detachable Shoe Protector
• Computer Implemented Semantic Search Methodology, System and Computer Program Product for Determining Information Density in Text
• Apparatus, System and Method for Composite and Symmertrical Hybrid Electronic Connectors
• Compact Portable Auger Rack for Single-Operator Function
• Interchangeable Transmission Cradle Attachment for Lift Jack 
• Tamper-Resistant Emergency Medication Reserve Repository
• Hydraulically-Actuated Horizontal Flush-Cut Radio Concrete Saw and Trip Hazard Removal Method
• Bi-Fuel and Dual-Fuel Automotive Combustible Gas Detection Apparatus and Method
• Golf Swing Training Apparatus
• Method, System and Computer Program Product for Management of Roping Contestant Entries
• Locking Electrical Socket
• Economic Means of Aspirating a Fuel Combustion Engine with Non-Atmospheric Gases to Produce a Subsequently Useful Byproduct
• Means of Processing Fuel Grade Petroleum Coke for Use in Internal Combustion Engines
• Convective Dissolution of Salts in Situ Ponds
• Means for Directing a Caller Through and Interactive Voice Response System and of Making Use of Prerecorded Precategorized Scripts
• Enterprise System and Computer Program Product for Inter-Connecting Multiple Parties in an Interactive Environment Exhibiting Virtual Picture Books
• Apparatus, System and Method for Stepper Motor Stall Detection
• Apparatus and Method for Securement of Two-Dimensional Bar Codes with Geometric Symbology
• Method for Producing Fungi for Use in an Ecosystem
• Adjustable Aircraft Maintenance Platform for Improving Efficiency and Safety of Aircraft Maintenance Operations 
• Adjustable Auger Rack with Flighting Securement Facilitating Vertical Use, Storage and/or Transport of Auger or Drill Bit(s)
• Shackle and Method for Stabilizing a Vehicle During Transport
• Motorcycle Passenger Bar
• Multi-Configurable Modular Decking System with Interlocking Components
• Motorcycle Passenger Bar
• Shackle and Method for Stabilizing a Vehicle During Transport 
• Frameless Shower Implement Having Grooved Surfacing
• Ski Bike with Multiple Steering Components
• Multipurpose Eyewear with Adjustable Arms
• Resistance Trainer Having Multiple Interconnected Body Attachment Points
• Safety Holiday Light Assembly and Method for Safe Installation from The Ground
• Pneumatic Air Filter Cleaner
• Position-Adjustable Self-Watering Apparatus for Controllably Dispensing Water Through Capillary Motion
• Programmable Child Positioning and Tracking Device
• Data-Processing System and Method for Vehicle Surround View System Calibration
• Deployment System for Portable Canopy
• Retrofit Vehicular LED Light Base with Heating Means
• Enhanced Multipurpose Twist Tie and Method of Fabrication and Operation
• Sunglass Design
• Drink Receptacle with Elastomeric, Semi-Rigid Strap for Interference Fit Securement
• Reinforced Joint Support Strap and Method of Application
• Mobile Renewable Energy Power Generator, Management System, and Distributed Energy
• Portable, Dual-Orifice Filtered Water Dispenser
• Reinforced Joint Strap and Method of Application
• Multipurpose Socket for Electrical Utility Repair Application
• Method and System for Maintaining a Light Source at an Ideal Lux
• Method of Damping Lateral, Axial and Longitudinal Forces on Dental Prostheses
• Force Damping Dental Bridge Assembly with Synthetic Periodontal Ligament Fibers
• Fragmenting Shotgun Projectile with Radially-Disposed Segments
• Forklift Grabber Mechanism for Securing Attachments to Forklift Forks
• Modified Trigger Assembly and Method for Actuating a Repeated Shot
• Adjustable Universal Hardware Installation and Machining Jig for Carpentry Application
• Playless Hinge System with Releasible Hinge Pin
• Surgical Ligation Clip
• Handheld Illuminating Device Orb-Shaped Lens for Enhancing Lateral Visibility