Recently Issued Patents by Rinehart

1. Improvised Adjustable Guide Rod For Semiautomatic Pistols 
2. Doorframe Jig and Method 
3. Multi-Function Ukulele Chord Wheel 
4. Exercise Ring 
5. Handheld, Integrated Multifunction Shovel 
6. Motorhome with Onboard Touring Car, Elevator, and Crew Cabin 
7. Detachable Shoe Protector 
8. Computer Implemented Semantic Search Methodology, System and Computer Program Product for Determining Information Density in Text 
9. Apparatus, System and Method for Composite and Symmertrical Hybrid Electronic Connectors 
10. Compact Portable Auger Rack for Single-Operator Function 
11. Hydraulically-Actuated Horizontal Flush-Cut Radio Concrete Saw and Trip Hazard Removal Method 
12. Bi-Fuel and Dual-Fuel Automotive Combustible Gas Detection Apparatus and Method 
13. Golf Swing Training Apparatus 
14. Method, System and Computer Program Product for Management of Roping Contestant Entries 
15. Locking Electrical Socket 
16. Interchangeable Transmission Cradle Attachment for Lift Jack 
17. Tamper-Resistant Emergency Medication Reserve Repository
18. Economic Means of Aspirating a Fuel Combustion Engine with Non-Atmospheric Gases to Produce a Subsequently Useful Byproduct 
19. Means of Processing Fuel Grade Petroleum Coke for Use in Internal Combustion Engines 
20. Convective Dissolution of Salts in Situ Ponds 
21. Means for Directing a Caller Through and Interactive Voice Response System and of Making Use of Prerecorded Precategorized Scripts 
22. Enterprise System and Computer Program Product for Inter-Connecting Multiple Parties in an Interactive Environment Exhibiting Virtual Picture Books 
23. Apparatus, System and Method for Stepper Motor Stall Detection 
24. Apparatus and Method for Securement of Two-Dimensional Bar Codes with Geometric Symbology
25. Method for Producing Fungi for Use in an Ecosystem
26. Adjustable Aircraft Maintenance Platform for Improving Efficiency and Safety of Aircraft Maintenance Operations.
27. Adjustable Auger Rack with Flighting Securement Facilitating Vertical Use, Storage and/or Transport of Auger or Drill Bit(s).